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AntLion: Союзник: Artanis (P0): Dragoon
Frenchmxjf: Yоu've hеаrd thаt it's wisе tо lеarn frоm еxрeriеnce, but it is wisеr to lеаrn from the exрeriеnce of othеrs.
CharsimIV: Он даже не запускается
Амир: Ошибся, ZvZ, пишите как отбивать это
Pocket: kidding u were bad AF I did everyhing LOL
Pocket: thx u were also not so bad HangPierr

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Team 1
Protoss RodOfNOD
Diamond Logo
Terran Zeroblue Logo
Protoss barcode Logo
Terran MysterYi Logo
Team 2
Protoss DarkRevenant Logo
Terran Fehnix Logo
Zerg <503> Player Logo
Protoss TanksGestapo Logo
Game type 4x4
Length 31:35
United States US
League Diamond [Ladder Game]
Version SC2 ver.
Match date 25th of July 2016 at 05:53
Upload date 26th of July 2016 at 02:40
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Downloads: 44
Phantom Mode
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22 с DarkRevenant Союзникам Hello everyone, I have a PhD in law and I am more educated than all of you. And don't take my words with a grain of salt you fucking inbreds. Piss me off, and I'll just be killing you ingame to shut your pathetic ass up.
22 с Zeroblue Всем dark has at least TWO (2) people in here helping him
24 с DarkRevenant Союзникам I am a firm believer in the constitution, and I am educated enough to know that I make all of you have a fucking rap sheet. None of you will ever be able to apply for a fucking job or lease an apartment ever again.
25 с RodOfNOD Всем always pick phantom when u play this fucker
26 с Zeroblue Союзникам One of them is Rod
33 с RodOfNOD Союзникам nope
34 с RodOfNOD Союзникам not me
37 с Zeroblue Союзникам Rod is definitely with DR
40 с Zeroblue Союзникам and then theres 1 more
43 с RodOfNOD Союзникам lol ok
43 с Zeroblue Союзникам at least
51 с DarkRevenant Союзникам -unallyall
54 с DarkRevenant Всем -ally red
61 с Zeroblue Союзникам -unalIy yellow
68 с Zeroblue Союзникам -unally red
76 с Zeroblue Всем LOOK
76 с RodOfNOD Союзникам il be killing yelllow so
79 с Zeroblue Всем TEHY ARE PARTIED
86 с Zeroblue Всем yellow allied red
91 с Zeroblue Всем partiers
92 с RodOfNOD Союзникам blue not unallying u so
94 с RodOfNOD Союзникам do what u want
121 с Zeroblue Всем yellow and red are CLEARLY partied
125 с Zeroblue Всем theres at least 1 more
145 с RodOfNOD Союзникам he has me unallied and im gonna prove it rigt now
165 с Zeroblue Всем yeah, for the 100th time we know
172 с Zeroblue Всем rod, the facts have proven it
174 с DarkRevenant Всем I'll have you know I am originally a Texan and an experienced deer hunter. I like how you act tough on the internet, but your ass would clam up like a fucking oyster in any other circumstance.
175 с DarkRevenant Всем I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem. I'm just saying I am an all-around better individual than you are. I'm a white christian Male that believes in sanctity. You're just a hormone-raged gutted teenager.
176 с Zeroblue Всем time and time again
182 с Zeroblue Всем you are WITH HIM.
223 с RodOfNOD Всем hjack some more uellow
273 с Zeroblue Всем im just waiting for the rest of the cuck crew to come out of the woodworks any second now
309 с Zeroblue Всем is he dead yet
312 с RodOfNOD Всем well thats gg for me
316 с RodOfNOD Всем yellow way overspent
318 с DarkRevenant Всем gtfo
320 с DarkRevenant Всем scum
330 с Zeroblue Всем this proves you are with him
330 с RodOfNOD Всем bite me nubcake
338 с DarkRevenant Всем u suck
352 с Zeroblue Всем proven time and time again...
353 с RodOfNOD Всем ur phatnom or pally im slayer
357 с RodOfNOD Всем pretty easy to win
357 с DarkRevenant Всем im slayer
359 с DarkRevenant Всем idiot
361 с DarkRevenant Всем check replay
362 с RodOfNOD Всем lol
365 с RodOfNOD Всем do the math son
375 с Zeroblue Всем gReen
380 с Zeroblue Всем you are with him?
383 с Zeroblue Всем you unallied me
421 с RodOfNOD Союзникам yes
423 с RodOfNOD Союзникам nice
432 с Zeroblue Всем idk who is clean and who is a troll, so i am killing you all until i know otherwise
440 с DarkRevenant Всем rofl u need help
448 с RodOfNOD Союзникам i just cannone and attacked him so
504 с Player Союзникам k blue killed me
527 с RodOfNOD Союзникам good teal on our side
540 с Zeroblue Всем rod knew he was gonna lose last game, so he called in the backup
541 с RodOfNOD Союзникам tehre is hope
546 с RodOfNOD Союзникам stfu
549 с RodOfNOD Союзникам the backup
553 с Zeroblue Всем oh, is he dead?
556 с RodOfNOD Союзникам i hav eu allied all game wtf u talking about
558 с Zeroblue Всем sweet, youre next rod
573 с Zeroblue Всем GODDAMNIT
577 с Zeroblue Всем EVERY TIME
580 с Zeroblue Всем HE SMITES ME
581 с RodOfNOD Союзникам find dr
593 с RodOfNOD Союзникам he hacks oof course he smites u
597 с Player Союзникам blue phantom then..
622 с Zeroblue Всем teal is with him
625 с MysterYi Союзникам -unally blue
639 с RodOfNOD Союзникам blue orang enuking u
647 с barcode Всем iim the one that kille dyellow
657 с Zeroblue Всем you are ALL PARTIED WITH HIM
685 с MysterYi Союзникам green
690 с MysterYi Союзникам god dammit u had ot buildu r hatercy here?
711 с RodOfNOD Союзникам im kiling the gyu that nuke u blue
714 с RodOfNOD Союзникам u stupid fuck
717 с Zeroblue Всем i have a 0 tolerance policy for trolls
720 с Zeroblue Всем ZERO
720 с Player Союзникам kill i
722 с Player Союзникам it
722 с MysterYi Союзникам red
725 с Player Союзникам kill it idc
728 с Fehnix Союзникам -unally red
728 с MysterYi Союзникам whose side r u on?
736 с DarkRevenant Всем L(surprised)L IM ALIVE CUCKS
750 с Zeroblue Всем youre fucked rod
752 с Zeroblue Всем FUCKED
754 с RodOfNOD Всем blue u are off ur medicine
761 с RodOfNOD Всем u just klost us the game u nub
771 с Player Союзникам is this usually how this game goes?
776 с MysterYi Всем nope
777 с RodOfNOD Союзникам no
777 с barcode Всем eh
780 с RodOfNOD Союзникам we have 2 trolls in it
785 с Player Союзникам this seems kinda fucked up lol
791 с DarkRevenant Всем I've turned on my lag switch so keep crying
797 с Zeroblue Всем FUCK YOU DR
797 с MysterYi Союзникам fukin reavers
797 с RodOfNOD Союзникам find yellow
799 с RodOfNOD Союзникам and kil him
800 с Player Союзникам who is lagging jesus
804 с barcode Всем gg
813 с barcode Всем have ufn with your friend dr
816 с Zeroblue Всем YOU ARE ALL PARTIED
818 с barcode Всем was fun
819 с Zeroblue Всем WITH THIS CUCK
846 с RodOfNOD Всем reported
846 с Zeroblue Всем DARK IS DDOSING
846 с RodOfNOD Всем apparently
846 с Player Всем lol
846 с Zeroblue Всем FUCK
846 с Zeroblue Всем I AM PROBABLY NEXT
848 с RodOfNOD Всем blue too bad ur a moron
860 с Zeroblue Всем WOW
890 с RodOfNOD Всем find yellow and finish him
895 с Zeroblue Всем and you too
904 с Player Всем this lag
904 с RodOfNOD Всем yellow is a tool blue is just a dumb asshole
904 с Zeroblue Всем Rod
904 с Zeroblue Всем i KNOW
904 с Zeroblue Всем you are with him
904 с RodOfNOD Всем u kkno what
904 с Zeroblue Всем stop trying to deny it
904 с RodOfNOD Всем i just fuckign hit him
904 с Zeroblue Всем just stop
904 с RodOfNOD Всем ove rand over
905 с RodOfNOD Союзникам and i hit the fucker tha nuked u
905 с RodOfNOD Всем and then u attacked me
905 с RodOfNOD Всем like a stupid troll
905 с Zeroblue Всем i know you are with him
905 с RodOfNOD Всем well fuck u
905 с Zeroblue Всем all the evidence so far
905 с RodOfNOD Всем u know shit
905 с Zeroblue Всем is irrefutabler
914 с RodOfNOD Всем evidence?
918 с RodOfNOD Всем i fucking atatcked him
920 с Zeroblue Всем all the replays
923 с RodOfNOD Всем i saved ur ass from more nukes
928 с RodOfNOD Всем Stfu
993 с Zeroblue Всем at least we finally got him
1008 с Zeroblue Всем juyst gotta finish the rest of his cronies now
1029 с Fehnix Всем im not with him
1038 с Zeroblue Всем then why did you nuke me
1045 с Fehnix Всем u unallied me
1049 с Zeroblue Всем you treasonous sack of shit
1063 с Fehnix Всем fuck u
1080 с Zeroblue Всем rod, you shitbag
1082 с Zeroblue Всем stop hiding
1085 с Zeroblue Всем you are dead.
1095 с Fehnix Всем im killing him
1095 с RodOfNOD Всем blue stfu
1100 с Zeroblue Всем where is he
1105 с RodOfNOD Всем u are really a fucking worthless pos
1116 с RodOfNOD Всем i spent all tha time with u and ur jus a fucking kid
1118 с Fehnix Всем bottom right
1122 с Fehnix Всем bottom left
1122 с RodOfNOD Всем who cant undersand reality
1136 с Zeroblue Всем ive seen enough, rod
1144 с Zeroblue Всем ive compiled all the evidence
1147 с RodOfNOD Всем uve seen enough? i JUST cannon rushed dr
1151 с Zeroblue Всем to prove you are one of his cronies
1152 с RodOfNOD Всем wtf u want from emu cunt
1164 с Zeroblue Всем and you always find 1 more excuse
1167 с Zeroblue Всем to trick me
1168 с RodOfNOD Всем i let u have vision all game
1170 с Zeroblue Всем and deceive me
1170 с RodOfNOD Всем fuck u
1172 с RodOfNOD Всем fuck u
1174 с RodOfNOD Всем FUCK u
1175 с Zeroblue Всем im not falling for it again
1186 с Zeroblue Всем im done, rod
1187 с RodOfNOD Всем well then ur just a stupid tool
1207 с Zeroblue Всем ive allowed you to deceive me one too many times
1212 с Zeroblue Всем thats the last straw
1213 с RodOfNOD Всем blue
1217 с RodOfNOD Всем idc
1248 с RodOfNOD Всем pahntoms are blue and?
1294 с RodOfNOD Всем probably green lol
1355 с RodOfNOD Всем blue seriously u need to get on the meds
1369 с RodOfNOD Всем between ur anger issues and ur paranoia
1379 с RodOfNOD Всем u have some seriously fucked up problems
1436 с RodOfNOD Всем whoever is slayer please ally me
1446 с Fehnix Всем -ally red
1453 с Fehnix Всем why u attack me red
1458 с Zeroblue Всем Rod youre a sack of shit
1467 с RodOfNOD Союзникам cuz i thought u were one ofdrs shit heads
1484 с Fehnix Всем red ally back
1491 с RodOfNOD Союзникам i dont ee u
1493 с RodOfNOD Союзникам lol
1500 с RodOfNOD Союзникам is it night time?
1511 с Fehnix Всем -unally red
1515 с RodOfNOD Союзникам i have 3 pulons so
1521 с Zeroblue Всем dont listen to red
1524 с Zeroblue Всем hes one of DR's
1534 с Fehnix Всем then ally me blue
1539 с RodOfNOD Всем if thats true then WHY did i attack orange
1546 с Zeroblue Всем allied
1557 с RodOfNOD Всем well?
1560 с Fehnix Всем why did u attack me red?
1562 с RodOfNOD Всем give me the logic blue
1567 с RodOfNOD Всем cuz u atacked blue
1573 с RodOfNOD Всем cuz blue was attackign dr
1582 с RodOfNOD Всем and in this game dr dying is all tht matters
1587 с Fehnix Всем no shit blue fucking unallied and unvisioned me
1597 с RodOfNOD Союзникам well hes phjantom
1602 с RodOfNOD Союзникам so thats probably why he did that
1607 с Zeroblue Всем oj you cuck
1821 с Zeroblue Всем cuck
1882 с RodOfNOD Всем still here eh?
1888 с RodOfNOD Всем well have fun with ur trolling

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