Capestian and AntLion vs Войска Амуна and Войска Амуна (ZTvTT)

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Pocket: kidding u were bad AF I did everyhing LOL
Pocket: thx u were also not so bad HangPierr
HangPierr: Wow Pocket was so good man
AntLion: *Kerrigan (P2): Mutalisk
AntLion: *Zeratul (T2): Tesseract Cannon
AntLion: Вот черт, сорри за спам. Походу в комментах вообще разделение на абзацы не работает.

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Team 1
Zerg Capestian
[APM: 127] Logo
Terran AntLion
[APM: 149] Logo
Team 2
Terran Войска Амуна
Terran Войска Амуна
Game type 2x2
Winner show
Length 30:34
Europe Union EU
League No data [Ladder Game]
Version SC2 ver.
Match date 17th of October 2021 at 00:01
Upload date 17th of October 2021 at 01:14
Replay added by AntLion
+ 2 -
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Download replay (198.3 Kb)
Downloads: 11
Map: Цепь вознесения
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8 с Capestian Союзникам gl hf
1823 с Capestian Союзникам wp
1825 с AntLion Союзникам gg

Comment to replay: Mutation #286/51: Avenger + Void Reanimators
Brutal / Bonus x2 / Map cleared
Nova (P3): Siege Tank + Banshee + Liberator + Raven
Abathur (P1): Roach + Ravager + Swarm Queen + Viper + Devourer + Guardian
vs Terran: Marine + Firebat + Marauder + Medic + Ghost + Siege Tank + Medivac + Science Vessel + BattleCruiser

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