Verdant vs Pscythe (PvZ)

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Replay info[Back]
Player 1
Protoss <L2D> Verdant Logo
Player 2
Zerg Pscythe Logo
Game type 1x1
Length 21:32
United States US
League No data [Custom Game]
Version SC2 ver.
Match date 18th of July 2022 at 01:14
Upload date 19th of July 2022 at 08:11
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Downloads: 52
CC Battle For Slayn
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72 с Pscythe Всем so there's 3 original heroes which the guy put in because he had already made most of them for other reasons I think
83 с Verdant Всем interesting
94 с Verdant Союзникам how do you turn off smartcast?
103 с Verdant Всем how do you turn off smartcast?
106 с Pscythe Всем the problem is like 75% of their implementation needs to be redone becaues the design is bad
118 с Pscythe Всем what's smartcast
134 с Verdant Союзникам I want to have to click to trigger the ability
142 с Verdant Всем I want to have to click to trigger each ability
152 с Pscythe Всем that's quick cast
159 с Verdant Всем yeah how do I turn that off
167 с Pscythe Всем that doesn't work properly in SC2, so there's no setting for it
174 с Pscythe Всем this is fake quick cast
188 с Verdant Всем there's no option to turn it off so I can actually aim abilities? O.o
204 с Pscythe Всем it's set to "on release" quick cast, so the ability fires when you release not when you press
208 с Pscythe Всем you can aim by pressing and holding
224 с Verdant Всем oof that's rough
234 с Verdant Всем very strange design choice
251 с Pscythe Всем well it had to be set to something
264 с Verdant Всем should have left it alone like it is default in every moba o.o
269 с Pscythe Всем and it cannot be done per ability, all abilities must have the same setting
278 с Pscythe Всем so on-release makes sense in my opinion
290 с Verdant Всем Never played a moba that forced this, it's odd
296 с Verdant Всем this had to actually be changed to be this way
309 с Pscythe Всем it's not a great new player experience, but experienced players probably perfer it this way
314 с Pscythe Всем and we're not getting new players
318 с Verdant Всем I've never met one
330 с Verdant Всем that prefers having to hold a button to aim a skill
350 с Pscythe Всем well the thing is we know the ranges of abilities by heart
360 с Verdant Всем it's not about knowing anything, it's clunky
375 с Verdant Всем this hurts veterans more than new players because right clicking forces you to recast
390 с Pscythe Всем I don't agree, it's a lot faster than having to click twice
400 с Verdant Всем have you ever played hots o.O
405 с Verdant Всем you don't have to click anything
415 с Verdant Всем if I want to q, it's just q -> click
421 с Pscythe Всем ok, 1 click
431 с Pscythe Всем I'd much rather press Q than press Q -> click
438 с Verdant Всем this is q, hold, and if I want to move it's release, q, hold, release
441 с Verdant Всем every time I move
458 с Verdant Всем very odd
462 с Pscythe Всем yeah moving can be awkward, but none of the settings are ideal
474 с Verdant Всем yeah but like, this had to be set up this way
480 с Pscythe Всем slow cast is really slow and sucks for veterans, full quick cast doesn't let you aim at all
480 с Verdant Всем this isn't how abilities work in starcraft
488 с Pscythe Всем yeah
492 с Pscythe Всем it was
496 с Pscythe Всем I think it's fine
500 с Verdant Всем very odd design choice
507 с Verdant Всем this alone would break the project for most players
530 с Pscythe Всем I don't agree, I think the players we're likely to get will be mostly fine with it
539 с Pscythe Всем the average hots player is never ever going to look at this
539 с Verdant Всем I don't know a single moba player that plays with this on haha
548 с Verdant Всем the average hots player doesn't have quick cast on
557 с Pscythe Всем yes, but they will never play this game
563 с Pscythe Всем so we don't design around them
568 с Verdant Всем that doesn't mean we should make the game deliberately obtuse
572 с Verdant Всем this is designed around no one lol
595 с Verdant Всем if we're going to have this it should at least be an option, and shouldn't be default
610 с Verdant Всем this is trigger input delay though, not latency
613 с Verdant Всем movement is fine, chat is fine
617 с Pscythe Всем yeah
634 с Verdant Всем presumably from loading assets at runtime
648 с Verdant Всем there's something taking a sec to run though, if you hit space you'll see it
655 с Verdant Всем camera moves instantly but aura doesn't show up p
709 с Verdant Всем this is a very solid starting point though, very well made
713 с Pscythe Всем yea
733 с Pscythe Всем zero keeps talking about "freezes," I haven't seen that yet
741 с Pscythe Всем just lots of input lat
744 с Pscythe Всем lag
744 с Verdant Всем I get hitching when it loads assets for the first time
751 с Verdant Всем you're from EU right?
760 с Pscythe Всем no, NA, but I play on both reginos
761 с Verdant Всем That's probably why you're getting input delay on NA
765 с Verdant Всем oh
774 с Verdant Всем do you have any delay on changing directions?
799 с Pscythe Всем a little bit but it might just be normal ping
810 с Verdant Всем yeah it all feels normal to me
812 с Pscythe Всем with less players it's not nearly as bad
818 с Pscythe Всем in a 5v5 it was pretty bad
820 с Verdant Всем yeah it's something being introduced with triggers
848 с Verdant Всем this is pretty good though
867 с Verdant Всем yeah it's lagging the first time it loads assets, reading them off the disc
875 с Pscythe Всем I see
878 с Verdant Всем I bet if you kill me again I won't have that delay
910 с Verdant Всем yeah near instant
928 с Verdant Всем this is going to play hell with low end computers but there may not be much we can do about it
995 с Verdant Всем this is pretty impressive for one guy to set up
1000 с Pscythe Всем yea
1023 с Pscythe Всем only issue is he's pretty bad at game design
1042 с Verdant Всем what makes you say that
1045 с Pscythe Всем uh
1065 с Pscythe Всем everything original he's added pretty much?
1079 с Verdant Всем this thing I'm playing seems fairly standard
1125 с Pscythe Всем Selendis' kit has Artanis' core gameplay loop except way more polarizing, and her abilities lack any kind of cohesion
1136 с Pscythe Всем her balance is a complete mess, her 75% hp trait is awful
1144 с Verdant Всем artanis's core gameplay loop is swapping though
1153 с Pscythe Всем well that's one of his things
1162 с Verdant Всем that's like, the main thing people take him for
1165 с Pscythe Всем his core gameplay loop is "I run at you and AA, and get shields from it"
1169 с Verdant Всем that and the shield, and maybe on hit on certain maps
1194 с Pscythe Всем the kit of the hero I'm playing is a massively bloated mess
1210 с Verdant Союзникам I mean, there's not a balanced or well designed moba out there
1213 с Verdant Союзникам hots is no exception
1217 с Pscythe Всем he reworked Malfurion's kit entirely, but it makes way less sense, is riddled with design flaws, and is completely overpowered
1251 с Pscythe Всем he's not good at game desing
1260 с Verdant Всем balance is like the last thing you do anyway
1264 с Verdant Всем we're a long way from that
1287 с Verdant Всем let's remake, so I can look at another hero

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