StarCraft 2 replay (3x3)

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Team 1
Zerg <FMG> StarLuk Logo
Zerg <isIMBA> Silvisor Logo
Terran FireLord Logo
Team 2
Terran Deevanov Logo
Zerg <DsGMs> Elemento Logo
Zerg <DsGMs> Uran Logo
Game type 3x3
Length 41:47
Europe Union EU
League No data [Custom Game]
Contest desert strike 1338
Version SC2 ver.
Match date 20th of February 2024 at 04:18
Upload date 20th of February 2024 at 15:00
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Download replay (390.4 Kb)
Downloads: 2866
Desert Strike 1338
No map yet =(
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67 с FireLord Всем oh
71 с FireLord Всем we switched
94 с Elemento Союзникам zzt
106 с Uran Всем lurks possible
121 с FireLord Всем oh forgot
127 с FireLord Всем thx for warning
149 с Uran Всем but withut dance ofc (happy)
369 с Uran Всем (rofl)
380 с FireLord Всем just for you uran (rofl)
412 с Uran Всем starluk i make lurks sry (rofl)
428 с StarLuk Всем ok
797 с Elemento Всем weirdest game ever
815 с Uran Всем (rofl)
961 с Uran Всем i kill your overseer hehe
966 с Uran Всем (rofl)
1045 с Elemento Всем last game
1051 с Uran Всем i kill them both
1054 с Uran Всем hehe
1054 с FireLord Всем no
1077 с StarLuk Всем no problem :P
2129 с Uran Всем your overseer are good protected
2138 с Uran Всем overseers
2167 с Silvisor Всем protoss shield
2219 с FireLord Всем never seen a ds game before with so many scans^^
2348 с Elemento Союзникам lets make some creep
2365 с Uran Союзникам i have no ground units
2370 с Uran Союзникам you ddecide
2374 с Uran Союзникам (happy)
2396 с Uran Союзникам maybe it help
2404 с Uran Союзникам you want me to do too ?
2404 с Elemento Союзникам add 3-4
2411 с Uran Союзникам k
2415 с Elemento Союзникам with speed
2488 с Uran Союзникам bc tank combo was better here i think (happy)
2494 с Elemento Союзникам 1 is not enought
2502 с Uran Союзникам ggwp

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