StarCraft 2 replay (Custom)

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Replay info[Back]
Players death (T)
Amon's Forces (T)
Amon's Forces (T)
Amon's Forces (T)
MythicBlaze (P)
Amon's Forces (T)
Amon's Forces (T)
Game type Custom
Length 28:20
United States US
League No data [Ladder Game]
Version SC2 ver.
Match date 21st of December 2021 at 01:05
Upload date 21st of December 2021 at 09:27
+ 3 -
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Download replay (114.3 Kb)
Downloads: 54
Map: Oblivion Express
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63 с death Союзникам ooh libs
80 с MythicBlaze Союзникам yeah, spam that train to HELL
266 с death Союзникам then can i have ur gas?
313 с MythicBlaze Союзникам just need it for upgrades but yeah you can have at least one. maybe both on secondary base
320 с death Союзникам kk
323 с death Союзникам t
620 с death Союзникам ah cant wait to see how many libs i have
810 с MythicBlaze Союзникам train
822 с MythicBlaze Союзникам ah
825 с MythicBlaze Союзникам nice
896 с death Союзникам shit!
909 с death Союзникам can we have defence up here?
1564 с death Союзникам gg
1591 с MythicBlaze Союзникам well fuck me
1695 с death Союзникам hey at east there was no ghosts

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